Travel Soccer Tryout Information



Please email Tom Pirosko, PTSA Girls Travel Commissioner - AND/OR Andy Komar, PTSA Boys Travel Commissioner – if you have forgotten your child's Tryout # !


New Travel Players Children in the 2013 birth year are eligible to play travel soccer in the 2021-2022 season for the first time and need to register before May 21. The PTSA will run an Academy-style player pool for the 2013 kids this fall. All 2013 players who register will be part of the travel program next year, will play on a team, and, to the extent possible, will practice together. Further details on how the program will be run under Return to Play Guidelines will be provided at a later date based on the number of kids who register.

If you have any questions about the PTSA programs or plans, please feel free to contact any of the individuals below:

Jim Malloy, PTSA President - Tom Pirosko, PTSA Girls Travel Commissioner - Andy Komar, PTSA Boys Travel Commissioner – Josh Peterson, PTSA Registrar - We look forward to seeing everyone back on the soccer field soon. In the meantime, we wish all of our PTSA families and friends continued health and well-being.
We encourage all of our members to continue to monitor the guidance and recommendations from the CDC and the PA Department of Health on precautions and best practices to take with respect to the COVID-19 virus


Tryout information:

  • Players must register online through PTSA for the Fall 2021 season to be eligible for Travel Tryouts.  This should be done before tryouts, (see Registration page at for details).  This registration is separate from signing-in on the day of tryouts, which is done at the field.
  • After teams are announced each player must upload a birth certificate and a current photo to their account in the online system.  We will provide the link at that time.
  • Please bring the following to the tryouts (all of this is needed even if you have played travel before):
    • Please wear soccer gear, bring a (labeled) ball and plenty of water.
    • NOTE that in the past, you were required to bring photos and birth certificates to the tryouts.  We will no longer accept these items at the tryouts.  They must be uploaded to the system after teams are announced.  If your player has a birth certificate already loaded in the online account, they will only need to upload a current year photo.
  • Arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled tryout time in order to sign in for tryouts.
  • Registration will be at the concession stand. Parents must remain off the field during tryouts.
  • Each player will be given a pinney to wear and a tryout number.  The parent/adult will be given a Tryout Notification Card—this card explains how to obtain the tryout results.  Please retain this card!  The pinney number is not a tryout number.  Pay no attention to the pinney number!
  • Injured players and makeups:
    • Injured players should attend their specified tryout day; other tryout accommodations for those players will be made, if practical.  Make-ups are not ideal.  Players should make every effort to make their age-specific tryout.  In case of illness, boys must contact the Boys Travel Commissioner, Andy Komar.  Girls must contact Girls Travel Commissioner,  Tom Pirosko.  They will give you specific information about makeups.
  • Notification procedure:
    • The final rosters will be listed on our website on the Travel page by mid-July.  Please hold on to your child’s Tryout Notification Card (with tryout number) since it will be needed to interpret the results.

1. What is travel soccer?

Travel soccer is designed for players and parents who are willing to make a higher level of commitment in time, effort, training and competition. Travel soccer is competitive soccer played against teams from other towns or communities. Games are played in the Western PA area as a member of the PA West Soccer Association. Players who have shown an interest and ability greater than most recreational players can benefit from moving to travel soccer.

2. How is travel soccer different from recreational (in-house league) soccer?

There are three basic levels of soccer: Recreational (in-house), Travel and Club. Each level provides an increased level of commitment and cost. Most young children benefit from playing with their friends and classmates in their own community, at least until they are older, have developed their skills in the correct environment or are ready to commit to one sport. The PTSA is fortunate to field enough teams in the younger age groups to support a thriving recreational program. However, beginning at U10, we recommend all players seeking to further their soccer development to try out for the travel program.

3. How much time will my child be expected to devote to soccer?

Travel Soccer typically has one team practice and one optional PDO Training session per week.  While the PDO Training is optional, it comes highly recommended since it features paid professional coaches from the Pittsburgh Riverhounds and/or the Peters Township High School Staff.  The official Travel season consists of both Fall (September - November) and Spring (Late March - May) sessions.  Travel games are typically on Sunday afternoons and they are typically about eight games per Fall and Spring seasons.  Some teams also play indoor leagues during the winter months but this is typically optional for players.

4. Where do we travel to?

Games are typically played around the Pittsburgh area but with an occasional game in Wheeling or Morgantown.  Teams we usually face include Upper St. Clair, Mt. Lebanon, Montour, Wheeling, Canon-Mac, etc.  However, each teams opponents will be determined by their exact tier/division in PA West's system.

5. What if my child plays another sport?

Travel soccer is a substantial time commitment but many of our players are able to juggle a schedule that includes baseball, basketball, swimming, dance, etc. Our coaches are expected to offer some consideration for conflicts as no one expects a child that is 8-12 years old to focus on just one sport or activity.  Spring and Fall is our in-season time and playing time may be decreased if attendance is not regular.  We suggest you speak to the coach or travel commissioner about the level of commitment for your specific team.  Commitment is important to teach to children and we expect the parents to be involved in maintaining this character trait.

6. What is the difference between an “A” and “B” team?

Not much! Seriously, we have so many children who want to play travel soccer in Peters Township that we are often able to form at least two teams in each age group. For purposes of development, the travel commissioner has discretion on how the teams are arranged.  There are A, B & even C teams however, we would like to make note that many parents with previous soccer experience prefer their child that is a borderline A-B player to be placed on the B team (ask your coach or travel commissioner why). At U11 and older, children start to make decisions as to what sports and level of commitment they are willing to make. When we form teams, the director will assure that the ability levels are appropriate throughout the team. This results in a better training environment for touches on the ball (please contact the travel commissioner for more information on the philosophy of grouping ability). We usually place teams in different PA West divisions to allow appropriate competition. Many times one team is made up of players who have played for several years and the second team may be the newer players. This is done yearly and players may move between the teams over time based upon development. PTSA "B" teams are often stronger than some clubs “A” teams. Sometimes the top 2 or 3 players on a “B” team improve more than the others on an “A” team and will win a spot on that team the next year. Ideally, there could be a movement of players between the teams each year based upon physical growth, soccer skill growth, personal interests, personal commitment to the sport and other factors.   The expected commitment level should be the same at either level.

7. When are the Tryouts?  When will I find out?

Tryouts are typically in late May and the dates and times will be posted on the PTSA Website.  After the Tryout dates, we will try to have the teams selected and players notified in Mid to late July.

8. How much will my child play?

As this is a more competitive team, playing time may not be equal during some games.  Sometimes this is difficult to assess and control at each game but, should be equalized over the season.  Additionally, each child should play a variety of positions on the field.  If your child is only playing one position or not enough, you have an obligation to ask the coach why and/or contact the Travel Commissioner. The best defender at 10 years old could be the best forward at 15 and the best player at 10 is often not the best at 15 due to growth and development differences. Coaches are encouraged to train the total player and not focus all of their attention on winning. After age 12, more specialization will begin although the coaches are encouraged to play the kids at more than one position.

9. How are coaches selected?

The Travel Commissioner and PTSA Board make the selections based upon the application and observation of the individual. Each year we try to find the best possible coaching candidates from those who applied.  Please refer to the "Become a Coach" link on the homepage for more information.

10. What are the Parent responsibilities?

The PTSA expects each parent to be supportive of their child and the club by getting your child to practice and games on time, helping them to be regular in attendance at all or most activities, showing consideration to the coach and team by giving notice of absence as early as possible, paying your fees to the club and team timely, and by volunteering your time to help with the PTSA tournaments and fundraisers when possible. Once a child commits to a travel team, we hope the parent will help to assure that the commitment is honored for the season.

11. What are the estimated costs?

A typical team has a yearly per player cost of $200 plus travel.  Uniforms are generally purchased every two years and run approximately $80 for the total kit.  If the team/player also decides to play indoor soccer and/or additional tournaments, that cost will be in addition and will first be discussed by the coach.

Items that are included in these fees:

  • Uniform Kit (Jersey, Shorts, Socks)
  • Alternate Color Uniform Shirt
  • 1-2 Practices per week with Team
  • 1 PDO Practice session per week during Fall and Spring seasons. (Once again, PDO Training is highly recommended for skill development)

Travel Soccer Coaching Application

To become a travel coach, please fill out the application. Also, make sure you have completed all of the coaching clearance requirements.