Please note that the Peters Township Soccer Association Lightning Policy calls for all people to vacate any field or playing surface (outdoors) if thunder or lightning is present.

As soon as you hear thunder or see lightning you need to vacate the fields to a safe place.

All coaches, players, and parents must wait 30 minutes until the storm passes before resuming a practice or game.

There are no exceptions to this policy.

Safety Tips

  1. Listen for the sound of thunder. If you can hear thunder, go to a safe shelter immediately.
  2. If you see or hear a thunderstorm coming or your hair stands on end, immediately suspend your game or practice and instruct everyone to go inside a sturdy building or car.
  3. Listen to weather radio or check weather apps. Coaches and other leaders should check the weather prior to going the fields when severe weather is in the forecast.
  4. If you can’t get to a car/shelter, stay away from trees. If there is no shelter, crouch in the open, keeping twice as far away from a tree as it is tall.