Thanks for your desire to volunteer with the Peters Township Soccer Association! All volunteers must obtain the proper clearances, and those clearances must be provided directly to our PTSA association and to our regional governing body, PA West Soccer. Please complete the process below to ensure that we have the proper clearances on file.

Please note that although state issued clearances are valid for 5 years, Peters Township Parks and Recreation approves clearances for only 3 years from the date they are acquired for all youth sports coaches that fall under their organization/jurisdiction.

State Law Affects All Youth Sports Organizations

All background checks must be completed using the provider designated by PA per the requirements of the law. Individuals fall into two categories, paid and volunteer, and each has its own set of required clearances. All individuals must upload the required documents into the PA West Soccer Online Risk Management System (link to the portal and additional info at the bottom of the page). All individuals must email their clearances directly to PTSA Risk Management at .

Volunteers must provide the following:

  • State Police Criminal Record Check
  • PA Child Abuse History Clearance
  • If PA resident for at least 10 continuous years…a complete and notarized Volunteer affidavit
  • If PA resident for less than 10 continuous years…FBI Criminal Background Check
Individuals who are paid to oversee the children/have direct contact with children must provide the following:
  • State Police Criminal Record Check
  • PA Child Abuse History Clearance
  • FBI Criminal Background Check
How To Obtain Your Background Checks:
Part 1: PA State Police Report
PA State Police Criminal Record Checks can be obtained online by visiting the State Police web site - Click Here.
Part 2: Child Abuse History Report
PA Child Abuse History Clearances may be made online - Click Here
Results may be immediate or can take 7-14 business days to complete.
If results are immediate you may need to log back into the system - retain your username and password for this.
The Clearance Hotline is 877-371-5422.

*If you have been a PA resident for 10 years or more:

Part 3a: Volunteer Qualification Affidavit (PDF): Click Here

*Or, if you have been a PA resident for less than 10 years:

Part 3b: FBI Criminal Background Check
To request an FBI Fingerprint Clearance, you must first register. Click Here

*The code is 1KG6ZJ

Once you have completed parts 1, 2, and 3a or 3b, the resulting documents need to be emailed to Risk Management at AND provided to PA West:

How To Receive Approval - PA West Soccer Online Risk Management System

PA West Soccer coaches, referees, and volunteers are required to comply with the Child Protective Services law. Please upload copies of your required documents into your record in the PA West Soccer Online Risk Management System. Using this system you'll create an application and upload your documents into your admin record. You'll use your current login info if you have an account in our online registration system; if you don't have an account you'll need to create one.

PA West Soccer Criminal Background Check Policy

PA West Soccer Zero Tolerance Risk Management Policy

If you need Assistance or have questions, please contact the PA West Soccer State Office via email at or by phone at 412-856-8011 or the PTSA's Director of Risk Management, Nicole Kretz, at


  • Affidavit may be signed by parent and notarized then uploaded
  • For driver’s license request put zeros in the fields when prompted
  • Find all of the details from PA West at this page.

SafeSport Training

US Soccer requires all coaches and assistant coaches complete an online SafeSport training course. The course content includes recognizing child abuse, reporting child abuse, hazing, bullying, and the reporting process. The league commissioner for you age group will contact you with details about how to complete the training.

*The SafeSport training certificate is only valid for 1 year.  Each coach/manager must take the refresher course if their certificate expires before the end of November BEFORE they can be rostered.  The refresher course is only about 20 minutes and can be accessed through the SafeSport website they were given to take the training and by logging in to that site.

***Please contact Risk Management at for the training link for SafeSport***

Previous users should be able to access their existing records.  The system may request individuals to reset their account passwords.

Instructions for downloading a certificate of completion are as follows:

  1. Please select the “Menu” icon at the top right of your page.
  2. Select “Transcript”.
  3. Once the transcript page displays, locate the most current completion for the course under the “Certificates” section.
  4. Download the certificate by selecting the “Download” button at the right of the completed course.

Concussion Training

All coaches and assistant coaches will need to take a concussion training course offered by the CDC.  It is a free course and can be found here:

Go to Launch The Training-->"For Coaches" and create an account.  When you complete your training, please forward your certificate to


Coaching Licenses

US Soccer provides its "Grassroots" coaching initiative to provide education for all coaches. See the US Soccer Coaching Education Pathway for full details of the program. PTSA requires that all coaches take the free, 20 minute online Introductory Module now to start the coaching education process. Check out the FAQ. After you have completed the online course, please email your completion certificate to our Registrar.